Time: Monday 5:15 – 7:30PM | Arts West, Room 156 (Lectorial Room 1)

Welcome to Apollo Choir. We are an enthusiastic group of amatuer singers who love to perform everything from jazz to contempoary Australian music to 17th century madrigals. Come along and sing some music that you’ve never seen before and meet some like-minded people in the process.

Our current conductor, Alex Gorbatov, has brought a new level of energy and enthusiasm to the ensemble’s rehearsals and performances, which range from charity concerts around Melbourne to community performances out in rural Victoria during our annual camp.

Apollo Choir looks forward to exciting times ahead, and continues to encourage people from all walks of life to join us in fun rehearsals, great music, and an opportunity to give something back to the community!

Choir: 2018 POPS Concert


The Choir has enjoyed varied success since Apollo’s inception in 2002. Importantly, it is an important bridging group for Apollo, facilitating both experienced singers, as well as those students without previous musical training to participate in Apollo.

Establishing itself under the guidance of Holly Mathieson, the Choir took flight early, generating a lot of interest within the faculty. Much of this credit is due to founding Secretary of Apollo and Choir representative Anne Yang, whose dedication ensured cohesion despite the enormous organisational task.

The Apollo Choir has had various conductors over the years, with Pat Miller taking the baton in 2003-04, Sava Djukic in 2005-06, Gladys Chua in 2007-08, Nathan Byrne in 2009-14 and Camilla Gormon in 2015-2017. During 2011, Apollo had the pleasure of welcoming Michael Petruccelli as guest conductor to the choir, bringing a new level of vigour and passion to rehearsals. Each conductor has left a strong mark on the choristers of Apollo, while introducing a wide range of repertoire to the ensemble.