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“Ah music, a magic beyond all we do here.”

Committee Position: President

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Arts (Politics)

Ensembles: Fusion, Jazz, Rock and Acapollo


About me: Hi im Ciara! I’m your President!! I run this club, am stand in mother for all the Apollo kids and im also in 4 ensembles! In other words I don’t have boundaries when it comes to taking on too much stuff 😀 But not to worry my love for this club makes it all worth it ❤️ I predominately play French horn and sing! I first joined Apollo in second sem 2017 and to see how much of an impact it has had on my life in only 2 short years is pretty wild. I would encourage everyone to join this amazing club and come hit me up for a chat, your pres is always here for you 😉✨


Vice President


Committee Position: Vice President

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Design (Architecture)

Ensembles: Acapollo


About me: Catch me sleep-deprived, hungry and stressing over my assignments while manically singing to myself or binge-watching youtube videos.




“Egg shaker (up and down): ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-“

Committee Position: Secretary

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Biomedicine

Email me:

About me: You might be wondering: Wait, what are you doing in the committee if you’re not in any of the ensembles?

  • sneaking backstage and living vicariously through my friends with real musical talent
  • spamming the rest of committee with admin notices and banter
  • giving back to the club that gave me love, passion, and friendship where i last expected it
  • trying to convince the reps to let me into their ensembles with my tambourine/maraca/egg shaker playing






“Music solves my issues.”

Committee Position: Treasurer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Commerce

Ensembles: Rock Band


About me: I joined rock band at the beginning. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve made some really good friends. Now I’m a treasurer and I protect the money now. But still love playing and making music 😊

Acapollo Rep

“”Being crazy isn’t enough” – Dr. Seuss”

Committee Position: Acapollo Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Science (Anatomy)

Ensembles: Acapollo and Choir

Email me:

About me: I’m Elena, I’m wild, and I’m the Acapollo Representative. I am in charge of the organization of Acapollo from an administration point of view, and I am the major communication point between the ensemble and committee. I am in Apollo because I love singing, I’ve made a ton of friends here, and because singing to the elderly and raising money for charity is pretty cool too I guess.





Choir Rep

“When I die, I hope the people I did group projects with lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.”

Committee Position: Choir Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Ensembles: Choir, Acapollo


About me: Hey guys! I joined this club three years ago and it’s really given me the chance to meet new people, make close friends and explore my music capabilities. Also, I’m starting out on youtube with my own channel where I will be uploading covers of songs I like, if you could check it out and subscribe, it would mean the world to me! ❤

ConFusion Rep

“If it’s one person you can mistaken for a basketball player, it’s probably me…until you realise I’m only 170cm”

Committee Position: ConFusion Ensemble Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Biomedicine

Ensembles: Fusion, Jazz Band

Email me:

About me: Oh! My name is Jeremy by the way! I play flute alongside a bunch of really awesome musicians and friends in ConFusion (the band) just encase you didn’t know, and I’d definitely be down to meet anyone who’s interested in music (and anime…I’m a big sucker for anime too). Looking Forward to seeing you around Apollo!


Fusion Rep

“Dunno what that extra white picture is 😂🤷‍♀️

Committee Position: Fusion Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Biomedicine

Ensembles: Fusion band

Email me:

About me: Hi, my name is Isabelle and I am the representative for Fusion as well as being a committee member for 2019/2020. Although I have only had this role for a few weeks I am thoroughly enjoying the new level of responsibility and leadership within the band. Aside from playing Alto Sax in Fusion I am a full time Biomedicine student currently in second year. When I’m not memorising skeletal bones or species of bacteria I am a keen outdoorsy person. I train for athletics, enjoy camping, horse riding, hiking, kayaking and since last winter have a new appreciation for skiing! After playing in my high school orchestra for a number of years I knew I had to join a band at uni or there was absolutely no hope of me ever practicing again! So when a lovely girl I sat down next to in a first year lecture described the band she had joined, I joined too! Not only did I gain a close friend but a whole bandful of good friends brought together by music and Apollo Music Society!

Jazz Band Rep

“Never trust a guy called Jeremy.”

Committee Position: Jazz Band Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Science

Ensembles: Jazz band and ConFusion


About me: My music experience consistsof around 7 years of classical piano, 4 years of clarinet and 4 years of guitar. I love all kind of music from jazz to death melodic metal! Guitar is currently my main instrument and I play a wide variety of styles, but mainly jazz at the moment. My music idols has always been musicians who display a non-parallel level of musicality and emotions, for examples Eric Clapton and Gary Moore. These blues heroes were the reason why I started playing the guitar and I aim to someday achieve what they have given to the world.

Rock Band Rep

“delet this”

Committee Position: Rock band Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Science

Ensembles: Rock band, Choir


About me: Hi my name is Ethan, i run the rock band.
Age: 19
Skills: some
Swag: none
Hotel: Trivago






Strings Rep

“If you make a mistake, play it twice and call it jazz”

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.12.35 pmCommittee Position: Strings Representative

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Music

Ensembles: Strings

Email me:

About me:




Design Officer

“Who needs sleep when you’ve got coffee?”

12246966_10205112153271211_1026434368835139477_nCommittee Position: Design Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Environments (Architecture)

Ensembles: Acapollo, Choir


About me: Hey! I’m Brian, when I’m not sleep deprived. Come to me with all your design needs 😀. I do all the fun designing for Apollo and when I’m not, I’m studying design in my course because I just can’t get enough of it… unlike sleep 😛








Social Events Officer

“My love for animals go beyond my allergies.”


Committee Position: Social Events Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Agriculture

Ensembles: Acapollo

About me: Yo yo the names Rae! 😀 I’m Apollo’s social committee rep here to plan and drop some events to ensure that you have as much fun as possible during your time in our club! Currently I’m in Acapollo (our acapella group) but you’ll probably also find me visiting other ensembles rehearsals either dancing in the background or sleeping in a corner. Either way don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me 🤙🏼




Social Events Officer

“I don’t always find time to practice. But when I do, I don’t.”

Committee Position: Social Events Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Commerce

Ensembles: Fusion Band

About me: I was in an orchestra before I came to Melbourne, I wanted to play music and make new friends so I joined Fusion since I was in college. Now I’m in university and I’m a part of the amazing Apollo crew! 🙂





Committee Position: IT and Publicity Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Design

Ensembles: Rock Band

About me: I’m V (wearing the blue beanie) and I sing in The Stranded rock band. I’m really looking forward to my term as an IT officer and getting to highlight all the amazing ensembles and people in Apollo.


“Do what you love and love what you do.”

Committee Position: IT and Publicity Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Science


About me: I first joined Apollo HMS in 2017. Not knowing how to play any instruments, I did not have high expectations that this club is for me. Two years later, I’m part of the committee as IT and Publicity Officer. To anyone who might want to join Apollo, my advice is to dive in and see for yourself. You will never know if you don’t try!


“it be like that”

Committee Position: Sponsorship Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Commerce

Ensembles: Jazz

Email me:

About me: I’m someone who tries to push my boundaries as much as I can, so catch me doing completely random things just for the experience. This is part of the reason why I joined Apollo, to be honest. My role is to get that dough for this organisation and like maybe some discounts.




Performance Officer

“We can’t hear the flutes!”

Committee Position: Performance Officer

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Biomedicine

Ensembles: Fusion band


About me: Hi I’m Sophie! I play flute and piccolo for Fusion, love a good cuppa, and am hoping to one day be tall enough to reach things on the top shelf. I’ve enjoyed every minute of being in Apollo and I’m super excited to be your Performance officer for this term!

General Committee

““Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah (Yeah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ark)” – Rebecca Black”

Committee Position: General Committee

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Science (Data Science)

Ensembles: Rock Band and Fusion

About me: Hi, I’m Cameron, 6`4“ I’m looking for someone to go to the zoo with me. I would really like to see the butterfly enclosure one last time. I like long walks on the beach, and listening to Maroon 5 whilst snuggling up with a good book near the fire.

General Committee

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Committee Position: General Committee

What I’m studying: Bachelor of Science (Civil Systems)

Ensembles: Rock Band and Jazz Band


About me: I’m a long time musician and have been a part of this club for a long time. Apollo is my second home and my life would be so different without my favourite group of people.











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To get in touch with Apollo Music Society:

Send us a message on our Facebook Page (probably best option for current members)
Email the most appropriate person (e.g. Sponsorship Officer, Ensemble Representatives)
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Apollo Health Music Society
C/School of Medicine Office
Faculty of MDHS
University of Melbourne, VIC 3000