AUS-ACA’s 2015



On May 10, Acapollo competed in the AUS-ACA 2015 Australian A Capella Victorian Championships, and WON the Best Ensemble Award!

Acapollo trained super hard for this event, and it all paid off. Check them out in the videos below, singing an original mashup “A Sky Full of Stars Found Love” and “Counting Stars”.


Camp Semester 1!

Once again, Apollo will be holding our bi-annual camp during the mid-semester break! We are going to St John’s Ambulance Recreation Camp, Wesburn, from Tuesday April 7th to Thursday 9th April, which is immediately after Easter Monday. Camp is a great chance to get to know all the other people in Apollo, through fun, games, food, music, and maybe a bit of actual rehearsing too – we do have concerts coming up! Email for booking information.



Apollo Health Music Society Twilight Concert, 2014- Choir

One of the founding ensembles of Apollo HMS, consisting of experienced singers as well as those new to singing, we sing everything from Vivaldi to Les Miserables

+ Soprano: Kimberly Imperial, Kathryn Hoang, Olivia Ooi, Denise Chang, Xue Xian, Cathleen Pho, Teagan Zhang, Candy Tang, Pavithra Amadoruge, Laura Raiti, Duyen Luu

+ Alto: Kaayin Kee, Kristy Marinopoulos, Yan Jing Chong, Harene Ranjithakumaran

+ Tenor: John YiMing Low, Leon Ang, Bryan Lye, Jaime Martinez, Philip Qian

+ Bass: Jordan Janssen, Nick Chan, Kieren Tan, Eddy Yang


+ Shosone Love Song, Roger Emerson

(Conductor: Melrose Tran, Accompanist: Nathan Byrne)

+ I Dreamed a Dream, Claude-Michel Schonberg/ Herbert Kretzmer, Arranged by Ed Lojeski

+ Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Harold Arlen/ E.Y. Harburg, Arranged by Mark Hayes

+ I’ve Got the Music in Me Bias Boshell, Arranged by Alan Billingsley

(Conductor: Nathan Byrne, Accompanist: Melrose Tran)


Apollo Health Music Society Fusion

Apollo’s quasi-stage band that plays music spanning an eclectic mix of genres from jazz and funk to pop and Latin

Flute: Ilana Bookner, Sally Cam, Kaayin Kee, Ekmini Ramanayaka

Alto Sax: Ryan O’Rafferty, Trumpet:  Suresh Haikerwal

Trombone: Ajaya Haikerwal, Guitar: James Adams, Bass: Gladys Qin, Keyboard: Adam Wojcik, Drums: Jun Yang Chia


Bramble Blast- David Wise, Arranged by Ajaya Haikerwal

Chameleon- Herbie Hancock


Apollo Health Music Society, Twilight Concert 2014- Acapollo

AUS-ACAs 2014 A Cappella Competition State Finalists

Apollo’s non-college affiliated and unauditioned a cappella group

Soprano: Natasha de Alwis, Dulini Mendis, Olivia Ooi, Kimberly Imperial, Liana Candiloro, Hong Tan, Duyen Luu

Alto:  Stephanie Bumpstead, Harene Ranjithakumaran, Jessica Luna, Cathleen Pho, Irene Zhu

Tenor:  Leon Ang, John YiMing Low, Bryan Lye

Bass:  Jake Colman, Evan Schor

Vocal Percussionist: Jake Colman


Beautiful Day, U2- Soloist: Leon Ang

Say Something, A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, Arranged by Stephanie Bumpstead

Soloists: Harene Ranjithakumaran and Kimberly Imperial

The Fox- Ylvis, Arranged by Stephanie Bumpstead

Soloist: Leon Ang

(Winner of the AUS-ACA’s Best Comedic Song Award, 2014)

The Jazztice League

Apollo HMS Twilight Concert, Semester 1, 2014

The Jazztice League

Saving you from the ordinary!

Flute:  Ajaya “Flash” Haikerwal

Piano:  Nathan “Hulk” Byrne/ Adam “Banner” Wojcik

Bass:  Gladys “Thor” Qin

Drums: Jun Yang “Iceman” Chia


Veloce- Suite for Flute, Jazz Piano Trio and Claude Bolling

Bourée- J.S. Bach/Jethro Tull