Twilight Concert 2015 – Photo Highlights

On Friday, May 29th we held the annual Twilight Concert, held again in the beautiful Rosina Auditorium of Abbotsford Convent. We were able to raise over $300 for the International Medical Corps, who are working in disaster relief in Nepal!

Here are some photo highlights from the night; thanks to Dulini, Himali and Sandy for taking them!



Strings Highlights

Jazz Band Highlights

Acapollo Highlights

Fusion Band Highlights

Choir Highlights

Small Group Highlights

Backstage Moments

And now, you can relive the whole experience, by watching the YouTube videos of the night! (Apologies to Choir whose performance was cut off by a dead battery…)

Twilight Concert Videos

Twilight Concert 2015


“By the light (by the light, by the light) of the silvery moon (of the silvery mooooooooon) I want to see Apolloooo (I want to see Apollooooo) in concert before June (in concert before June)”

Well guess what? YOU CAN!!!

Apollo’s Twilight concert is to be held on FRIDAY 29TH MAY 2015 at 7PM! Count on having a magical time while the stars come out, experiencing our funkalicious beats, sweet harmonies and jazzed up tunes!

Taking the stage at Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent, will be Acapollo, Choir, Jazz Band, Fusion Band and Strings, as well as a variety of guest acts.

Tickets are available NOW!
$5 for Children/Students, $10 for Adults, visit or get in contact with an Apollo friend!

And although you probably didn’t need another reason to come, here is one more!
By buying a ticket to the concert you will also be supporting an urgent cause – proceeds will go towards aiding health workers assisting in the recovery after the Nepal earthquakes! For more information, please visit

Support philanthropy, support live music, support your friends and prepare for a memorable night out!

P.S. For anyone who doesn’t understand the opening line, look up Doris Day – “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” 😉

AUS-ACA’s 2015



On May 10, Acapollo competed in the AUS-ACA 2015 Australian A Capella Victorian Championships, and WON the Best Ensemble Award!

Acapollo trained super hard for this event, and it all paid off. Check them out in the videos below, singing an original mashup “A Sky Full of Stars Found Love” and “Counting Stars”.


Casual Jam – Raspberry

Wew! Apollo just had their first EVER Casual Jam session, which gathered an eclectic group of people with different musical interests together to play whatever they felt like playing! We had some Coldplay, a bossa nova, Blink 182, a mellow jam with some Arabian influences and a beautiful banjo solo.

If you missed the Jam, never fear- the next one will be in Week 4 or 5, just around the corner! Hope to see you there, and thanks to all that came today!

-Ajaya Haikerwal (Apollo Vice-President)

Casual Jam - Raspberry

O-Week and Week 1 Wrap Up!

Orientation Week was a huge success for Apollo, with the club practically doubling in size since 2014!

Our performance on Thursday of the Clubs Carnival showcased the talent of the Club, starting with a snazzy opening by Fusion Band, Choir soothed the crowd with their harmonies and Acapollo brought it home with some well known songs! Check out our YouTube video below (coming soon) for all the highlights.

The stall we had on Friday attracted a lot of musicians eager to be part of what is going to be an amazing year. Our committee provided helpful to talk to, and passers by were able to have a quick jam on our keyboard, soothing the frustrated people in other sign-up lines.

If you didn’t get a chance to speak to anyone or want to know more about Apollo, make sure you check out our About Us and Ensembles pages for more info, or contact us directly for more info.